Completed Sites

  • Survey Site 1

    In 1983, the property was a poor, sparsely vegetated grazing property. The sandy soil made it particularly susceptible to erosion and livestock damage. Naturally occurring wet areas, formed by … more

  • Survey Site 2

    This property in Red Hill South was heavily infested with a variety of Habitat-changing weeds. Some 15 acres of forest and creekline that should have been covered with eucalypts, ferns, orchids etc … more

  • Survey Site 3

    In the past, this property has been subjected to low-intensity logging. The creek has been altered via earthworks to the banks and the construction of a small dam. Many Habitat-changing environmental … more

  • Survey Site 4

    The property has been used for livestock grazing in the past, and caused severe damage to the middle storey and understory vegetation in particular. This allowed environmental weeds to move in and … more

  • Survey Site 5

    The grazing of livestock damaged the natural bushland, and provided an opportunity for various woody weeds to invade. Pine Trees spread from a nearby plantation, while birds carried in the seeds of … more