Completed Sites

  • Survey Site 6

    The property was cleared generations ago for agriculture, and had been used for a number of purposes since. This high pressure agricultural regime had caused many problems including:- Severe erosion … more

  • Survey Site 7

    This property was completely cleared many years ago for cattle grazing, apart from one patch of Swamp Paperbark that surrounded a natural spring. Grazing pressure, increased nutrient loads and soil … more

  • Survey Site 8

    Like most properties in Flinders, this one was cleared almost completely many years ago for cattle grazing. This led to soil compaction and massive erosion in the gully and creekline. As a direct … more

  • Survey Site 9

    Most of this property was cleared for cattle grazing many years ago. A strip of bushland on either side of the creek somehow avoided being cleared, although it was still heavily grazed. The result … more

  • Survey Site 10

    At some point, this property was completely cleared for agricultural purposes. Around 15 years ago, in an admirable but misguided attempt to attract Koalas back to the property, the farm manager … more