One of HRF’s top priorities is to involve and educate the general public through direct involvement in our projects. Focusing on children in particular, our projects will form the practical side of educating people on how to protect, enhance and/or recreate the natural environment. We will also cater for University and Secondary School Students, Landcare Groups, various environmental interest groups, Scouts, Special Needs organizations, etc.

This education will include, but is not limited to, the following:-

  • Correct Methods in Environmental Protection, Improvement, and/or Revegetation
  • The Importance of Native Vegetation in Providing Habitat
  • How Native Vegetation Protects Soil and Water Quality
  • Sustainability Principles
  • Creating Habitat in Your Own Backyard
  • The Web of Life
  • Recognizing and Dealing With Weeds
  • Unobtrusive Recreation in Natural Areas