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The Habitat Restoration Fund (HRF) was created in 2006, by a group of people who wanted to take a more hands on approach to preserving their local environment.

The fund was established on Boonwurrung and Bunurong land. We pay our respects to elders past and present and extend our respect to indigenous people who are present today.

HRF is unique to other environmental protection groups because:

  • Our focus is the on-ground implementation of projects.
  • We organise the long term maintenance and legal protection of projects up-front to ensure long lasting positive impacts.
  • We work on private as well as public land.
  • We employ professional environmental contractors to work alongside volunteers.
  • We provide opportunities for disadvantaged people to get involved in meaningful activities.
  • We are non-political.

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HRF would like to thank Mornington Peninsula Shire's support via their 'Biolinks Support Grant' in helping us restore over 8Ha of Eucalypt Forest along Splitters Creek, Main Ridge. These sites are home to ancient Manna Gums, Koalas, a breeding pair of Powerful Owls and a host of other plants and animals. #bushlandrestoration #weedcontrol #biolink #koala #habitat #powerfulowl #habitatrestoration #conservation #morningtonpeninsula ...

Hi all!

Theirs a fun event happening down in Red Hill South for any gardening and nature enthusiast!
Check out @landcaremaincreek and Red Hill South Landcare Group 's event on the 25th of September at 9:45 to 12 noon, called 'KARAMU, KARAMU, KARAMU!' and come meet @gardeningaustralia s very own @janeedmanson and Virginia Carter from Local Habitat and Greens Bush Association for a great talk and walk about the effects of Pittos and Karamu, identification and removal methods! And there's a bit of a feed afterwards too!

See the image for more info and get in touch with your local Landcare group for more info!

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Species diversity is the number of different types of species that live within the habitat. This is an important number, as you may have lots of one single species, such as rabbits, but that doesn’t equal a healthy ecosystem. For a healthy, resilient ecosystem, a good range of different species is required, that eat different things, produce different structures or waste and are active at different times or seasons. In suburban areas, this can be related to the uptake of native pollinator homes to encourage more than just the introduced European Honeybee. Some plants are only able to be pollinated by certain species, and not all are bees! Others include ants, wasp, flies and even mosquitos! Going up the ladder, these ‘other species’ can be essential or specialised prey for other animals, like frogs who predate on insects or grazers like wombats who require the variety of nutrients of different flowering plants. This also helps reduce down time of ecosystems, if you only have one dominant flowering plant species, then you’ll only have flowers in one season, and the rest of the year there won’t be much food available, but if you have a full variety, you have sustainable production of flowers and the food that comes from them!
So aiding biodiversity isn't about planting lots of canopy trees or focusing on one species, but helping restore habitat to a self supporting natural model, which is something we proudly support and act upon within out projects 🙂

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Help protect native habitat by signing the petition here to immediately cease all levels of logging within native and public forest

The State of the Environment Report clearly remarked of the need to better manage our biodiversity within our forest. The forest that help draw down carbon within the atmosphere , enrich our cultural and social aspects and promote a healthy biota including many already threatened species

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