Bruny Island

700 acres
Project value: $120,000
We began restoring a property near Lunawanna-allonah in 2017. The property was a dilapidated cattle farm, overrun with high threat weeds. The property also supports over 100Ha of high quality bushland and coastal vegetation that was very biodiverse. Scout cameras and surveys revealed the presence of Quolls and 40-spotted Pardalotes to name a few of the special Australian species found there. One of our contractors, Environmental Restorations P/L, lent a much needed hand in those hard to reach places. The high threat weeds, such as Ragwort, Spanish Heath and various thistles had invaded deeply into the bushland. Over the next few years we undertook large scale sensitive weed eradication works in the bushland and paddocks.

Main Activities

  • Control of Ragwort, Spanish Heath and Thistles via herbicide spray.
  • Significant Flora

    Significant Fauna

    Swift Parrots Forty-spotted Pardalote Eastern Quoll


    Searching and spraying Spanish Heath
    Searching and spraying Spanish Heath