Hillview Community Reserve

Dromana, Victoria
Started 2010
30 acres
Project value: $200,000
This reserve has large open grassed areas, surrounded by bushland and several seasonal creeks that flow into a lake. HRF, in partnership with Dromana Rotary Club, Hillview Quarries and RACV, are restoring the creeks via large scale weed removal and revegetation. We are also improving the amenity of the park via the installation of shade trees and the creation of walking tracks that link with Arthurs Seat State Park.

Main Activities

  • Revegetation – Seed was collected from existing bushland on the site and propagated in a nursery. The resulting seedlings were then installed where the weeds once stood.
  • Weed Removal (Sweet Pittosporum, Boneseed, Tree Tobacco, Pine Tree) – Cut-and-paint, Handweeding
  • Weed Removal (Blackberry, Watsonia, Spanish Heath, Bridal Creeper, Asparagus Fern) – Herbicide Spraying.
  • Large Pine Tree Removal (Pinus radiata) – Felling mature Pine Trees which were then harvested for timber, and the branches mulched and used for the revegetation areas.
  • Significant Flora

    Significant Fauna



    Weed removal at Hillview
    Midway Weed removal at Hillview