Protecting the Genoa River

East Gippsland, Victoria
Started 2017
10 acres
Project value: $80,000
This project involved the removal of a number of large Poplar Trees and Willows from the banks of the Genoa River, along with controlling other high-threat weeds. In conjunction with the Genoa Town Committee, this is the latest stage of a long-term commitment by many people, to improving the health of the Genoa River.

Main Activities

  • Weed Control (Poplar & Willow Trees) – Mechanical removal
  • Weed Control (Cape Ivy, English Ivy, Bridal Creeper, Blackberry) – Herbicide Spray
  • Weed Control (Willows, English Ivy) – Cut-and-paint, hand weeding
  • Significant Flora

    Peisley’s Orchid

    Significant Fauna

    Platypus, Satin Bower Birds, Lyrebirds, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Turquoise Parrots


    Large Poplar about to be removed
    Poplar removal