Stoney Creek Restoration

Shoreham, Victoria
Started 2018
40 acres
Project value: $120,000
The owners of this property grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, and enjoyed playing in the bush. Having seen how the Peninsula’s environment has degraded in many areas over time, they wanted to help conserve what is left for themselves and future generations. HRF became involved in 2018 and have been assisting the owners in removing weeds from the hills and creekline. This site will soon be hosting guided walks, to show people an example of a ‘works-in-progress’. Stay tuned!

Main Activities

  • Weed Removal (Sweet Pittosporum, Karamu, Pine Tree, Boneseed) – Cut-and-paint followed by burning, Frill-and-paint, Handweeding.
  • Weed Removal (Blackberry, English Ivy, Watsonia, Dolichos Pea) – Herbicide Spraying.
  • Significant Flora

    Twining Silkpod, Cobra Greenhood

    Significant Fauna

    Powerful Owls, Rufous Fantail, Sugar Glider


    Weed Removal at Stoney Creek
    Powerful Owl
    Pitto Gum envelope
    Fern Patch at Stoney Creek
    Powerful Owl at Stoney Creek