A Journey Along Balcombe Creek, Winty Calder



A Journey Along Balcombe Creek written by Winty Calder, 2015 edition is a community enterprise, containing more than 100 photographs, about 18 maps and plans, and several sketches as a journey following successive tracts of Balcombe Creek from its headwaters to its coastal mouth. Information has come from many sources, including people with lifetime experiences of the Balcombe Creek catchment.

Balcombe Creek is the last largely unspoilt and most significant waterway entering the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. It flows 40 kilometres from Mt Eliza to Mount Martha and its catchment drains an area of about 87 square kilometres, including more than 10% of the land surface of the Peninsula. It is the longest stream on the Peninsula and, with its tributaries, forms the Peninsula’s most extensive drainage system. Balcombe Creek should be given a high priority of concern for everyone living and/or working in its catchment.

The author, Winty (Winifred B) Calder, M.Sc., Dip.R.E., has spent much of her life on the Mornington Peninsula and knows a great deal about it. As well as being an experienced teacher and university lecturer, she has been a consultant ecologist to planning firms, conservation bodies, private individuals, and Local, State and Commonwealth Governments.