Peninsula Perspective - Book by Winty Calder


Peninsula Perspectives is about the vegetation on the Mornington Peninsula, but it is also about care of the peninsula’s environment. The information in this second edition has been derived from the author’s comprehensive ecological survey of the whole peninsula. It is also drawn from the experience as a research fellow and lecturer at the University of Melbourne, and as an environmental consultant during the controversial preparations of the Conservation Plan and the Port Industrial Plan.

This book emphasizes the complexity of the natural environment in the region, and the need to understand the complexity as well as the changes that are occurring as increasing numbers of people use the land and the shore. It introduces the concept of environmental planning and indicates how each person who lives, works or plays on the peninsula has very real responsibility for both present and future care of its many vulnerable, natural features.

The author, Winty (Winifred B) Calder, M.Sc., Dip.R.E., has spent much of her life on the Mornington Peninsula and knows a great deal about it. As well as being an experienced teacher and university lecturer, she has been a consultant ecologist to planning firms, conservation bodies, private individuals, and Local, State and Commonwealth Governments.

Second Edition, 1986