To the Habitat Restoration Fund; a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection, rehabilitation, and education.

The Habitat Restoration Fund (HRF) was established with the primary purposes of:-

  • Increasing the quality and extent of habitat cover throughout Australia,
  • Reconnecting fragmented habitats via the creation of vegetation corridors,
  • Encouraging permanent legal protection for Australia’s habitats, and
  • Educating the community (in particular children) about how to retain and restore Australia’s natural environment to ensure the survival of our native wildlife into the future.

Only 6% of natural (indigenous) vegetation remains on the Mornington Peninsula and all of that is under threat from weed invasion, feral animals, and unsustainable land management practices to name but a few.  This figure varies widely from location to location, but to ensure the survival of all wildlife, we must protect their homes everywhere.